Aimbot, ESP, Removals, Auto-Fire, Boxes, Anti-Cheat & More!


Our advanced aimbot is the best on the market and the only one you’ll ever need to win. The target selection is fully customizable and allows you to target only who you want to target, but it also gives you the freedom to target anyone nearby or in your field of view, making it easier to take out targets and keep a killstreak. Our aimbot even aims through walls and allows you to track your target until you have the perfect shot.


Take all of the guesswork out of your shots with our triggerbot. You can adapt it to target certain points on the enemy and get kills anywhere in their hitbox. Combine this with our state of the art aimbot and you’ll be able to kick back, relax, and let us take control while you reap the rewards.


Our ESP feature shows you everything you need to know to choose the perfect target. If someone has been spamming your spawn points, learn their name and track their approach. Check an enemy’s loadout, perks, and pickups to tell ahead of time if the fight is worth it. Know exactly how to plan your attack with our visibility check. We allow you to know your enemy, like the old adage says.

No Spread

Have you ever been in a situation where you have the perfect shot, but only spread weapons? Well, one of our many Star Wars: Battlefront hacks will help you take care of those sticky situations. Use any weapon to snipe your foes from afar.

No Spread

Recoil can be tricky. One minute, you’ve got perfect body shots on multiple enemies, the next you’re shooting at the walls and the floor. Don’t worry about your crowd control woes anymore by enabling our no recoil mod for your next battle.

PB & FF Protection

Our PunkBuster and FairFight protections are the best in the business. Our screenshots are clean, we humanize our aiming, and we bypass VAC3 and UAC systems with ease. We’ve passed all the tests, keep our hands clean, and let you avoid getting booted so you can fight another day.


This is the Battlefront hack we are most known for. We’ve perfected our aiming abilities so that you can sit back and let our aimbot line up the perfect headshots for long-distance assaults or instant aiming for defensive, close-range firefights.This aimbot is fully customizable, allowing you to have full control of who you’re taking out and when.

  •    Distance/Crosshair/Standing/FOV based target selection
  •    Aim on key/full autoaim
  •    Triggerbot
  •    Aim through walls (kill enemies through walls / setup damage value to trigger the feature)
  •    Humanised aiming
  •    Random aiming
  •    Tracker
  •    Location prediction (much better than other bot's)
  •    Bullet correction
  •    No spread
  •    Priority system for target selection (define specific client)
  •    Auto shooter
  •    Aim lock
  •    Vector/Tag support
  •    Anti Riot Shield (Aim at unprotected / Ignore


Our Star Wars: Battlefront hacks aren’t just for giving you physical advantages during your offensive and defensive engagements; we also offer you the benefits of intelligence gathering so that you can plan your course of action ahead of time. We’ll give you all the information you need, displayed cleanly and clearly, so that you’ll always be in the know.

  •    Player names
  •    Player aimtags
  •    Player distance
  •    Player weapon
  •    Perks (Dogs, RCXD, Sentry, Heli, ...)
  •    Pickups (Ammo, weapons)
  •    Grenades icon ESP
  •    Bounding boxes


With our Battlefront hacks, you’ll be able to customize exactly how the game looks in order to provide you with the information you want in the way you want to get it. Our systems are designed specifically to alert you to any threats or opportunities that you may encounter while simultaneously being discreet and not intrusive. Let our fully customizable systems cater to your play style by giving you the information you deem necessary.

  •    Crosshair
  •    360 Onscreen radar with threat indicator
  •    Threat warning (screen colored when enemy visible)
  •    Tracker Hud (meet to cheat, dont kill each others)
  •    Visibility check (esp changing colors if enemy visible)
  •    Kill stats (Position, Size and Colors Customizable)


Star Wars: Battlefront is on the forefront of gaming. It ambitiously offers massive maps, 40-player action, and a plethora of weapons to choose from. As many excellent features as it boasts, it still weighs you down with the standard sway, spread shots, and recoil that plague other shooters. Remove these pesky features so that you can defeat all comers and make the game even better… for you, at least.

  •    No recoil
  •    No spread


Even without our hacks, your radar is one of the most valuable tools you have. It provides you with a wealth of information with just a few dots. Why stop there? Our Star Wars: Battlefront hack will let you glean even more information from the HUD feature you use the most. After all, if your radar doesn’t tell you the most accurate, in-depth information possible, what’s the point?

  •    Position, Range and Colors customizable


Our hacks will give you lightning-fast reflexes without even pushing a button. You’ll never need to give your actions a second thought again when our automatism takes control. With our state of the art hack allows you to instantly react to situations so that you don’t lose a kill, or your life, in the heat of the moment. With our automatism features, you’ll have the freedom to plan your next attacks while still racking up kills.

  •    Auto grenade throwback
  •    Auto melee
  •    Anti Idle (dont get kicked while AFK)


We offer the primer Star Wars: Battlefield hacks to you, the player. But what would be the point of all these excellent tools if you got booted from every lobby before the game even started or were kicked off a server in the heat of battle? We go the extra mile by giving you protection from PunkBuster and FairFight.

  •    PunkBuster
  •    Fair Fight
  •    Screenshot Protection
  • Ai Protection


We don’t just offer you 10, 20, or even 30 features for you to customize. We offer you over 40 customizable features to enhance your gaming experience. What’s more, we allow your custom configurations to be saved and utilized at your leisure. We offer you more ways to win the game (such as our customizable aimbot) or troll your opponents (with our hilarious chat spammer).

  •    Endround
  •    In-game menu
  •    Show FPS show your frame rate inside the game
  •    Save over 3 cheat configurations in menu
  •    EnemyAim Warnings to warn when your in danger
  •    Move your menu anywhere on screen with mouse
  •    Chat Spammer to really make everyone mad
  •    Show Ping displays your ping on screen
  •    Show Time display the current time in game